Favorite Fingerboarding Video?


It’s not really fair to compare them like that the camera technology was way different for us, my mini dv won’t even beat my phone camera these days



Crime in Chior is my all time favorite, but also my friend Kevin King who introduced me to ffi made this one which will forever be a classic to me:


Did not know Kevin King was your buddy. He was kind of like the metal dude before metal became a thing again and he progressed very quickly


For sure, he’s the one who gave me my first wooden deck and showed me FFI. He was all about the metal back then. I remember him, Ian Andrew and Ethan Ebeling had that niche for sure :joy:


A few of my select favourites. All of these have been hugely inspirational to me to go out and hit tricks every time.

Flatface’s New Year’s 2009 montage

“Bacon, Egg and Steeze” - Taylor Rosenbauer

Jay Linehan’s Relativity 2 part


Ahhhhh true Ian n Ethan