Favorite Fingerboarding Video?


It’s one of my all time favorits. I used to watch this every day for months.


I was just born when this came out then! That’s awesome


Basically everything on Jakob Skowrun’s YouTube channel.


+1 for Opus 0 Alexis Milant video! That’s a true classic and so much inspiration was driven from that vid. Here’s my add!


Love this video!!


I’ve seen so many amazing videos out there since getting back into fingerboarding about a year ago, but Fingers of Fury was my first (and only for several years…). I still love watching it and have it on VHS, too!


I’ve watched this too many times to count



Ah! This is actually my favorite video ever! @Closeup1


Also my all time fav.


I don’t probably have the one fingerboard video, which would be the best of all time, but if I’d have to make a list, this one would be definitely in the top section:


Ryan Bernier-Paradise II

Alex Christ fingerboardtv part

Stolly fingerboardtv part


Basically any Francisco Martins vid


Seeing Juro’s fingerboarding videos was what originally convinced me to try out Simple and 2KR products, just because he rode for both of them. I love his riding style and videography skills.


all the amazing vids have vanished. but if you know this guy then you know a good guy. Have to pay homage to all the great edits that were once here.
long live confused napkin aka shane.


God I tried to choose one but there’s so many. Heres my top choices

Danny is an absolute beast! be sure to check out the rest of his videos if you haven’t already

Same goes for Taylor!


Interior Crocodile Alligator was the video that introduced me to fingerboards outside of Tech Decks. Still a good vid!


There is definitely two schools and two ways to watch and appreciate a brand or rider video part. One is focused on technical tricks and level, the other one towards innovations and creativity. “Fingers of Fury” will definitely be the historical Fingerboard video from second milliner which launched the phenomena! Alexis Milant from France brought a new aesthetic and creative image to Fingerboarding with his Opus 0. And Berlin wood team has professionalized Fingerboarding to the next level, with many really good video parts from crazy riders, as Elias, Dimitri and more…


Creativity and innovation in what? Editing and video production?


Assuming so. The Alexis Milant videos obvious have great fingerboarding, but the way they’re presented is why they’re such classics.