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Hey Forum,
I’m back with another review.

I‘m going to talk about Fatpap griptape today.
For those of you who have no idea what this is: It’s a tape company with gray and brownish colored tape.
We connected on Instagram, after I wrote a comment like this:“I can clearly see that tape has to be bad.“
Did manage to change my mind ? Well let’s see.
Even Chris Daniels (@cdplaya0 ) says he likes the tape, I will just leave that here.
He send me an envelope, 6 sheets in total, 2x gray 2x brown 2x black tape.

I appreciated the black tape , but honestly I haven’t tried that one yet, simply because the major focus is on the coloured tape, am I right? The packaging was nice, probably one of the best packagings for tape I have seen. Maybe not the easiest or eco friendliest but nice. In my excitement I didn’t take a picture. Sorry about that!

So the tape is 38mm wide and 110mm long and about 1mm thick. Enough space for every wide setup, I like that.
The colors are bright and durable. I tested the tape for 3 weeks straight and it’s still the same. I think that’s a good result. The performance is a thing.
Chris Daniels said he likes the tape. So I thought well if he likes it, it has to be good, right?

Well, don’t get me wrong, it’s not total shit. There is worse tape out there but it’s just not good to be honest. I feel bad to say this but the tape is not performing really well. After 3 weeks of riding the tape it still feels like its not worn in. We all know how it feels when you put new FBS on a deck and it takes a week or two until it unleashes the total grip. Well, the Fatpap hasn‘t done that until now. It does grip, and the first impression of grip is well, but right after that there is nothing to wait for. Maybe its me, my fingers and my way of thinking but after almost 10 years of fingerboarding I can’t say, well it’s colored it has to be good. The colors are good, but not the performance and that’s my opinion.

Maybe you’ll try it for 2 weeks and totally love it. Well yeah
just a random quite by Valentin Leiber : „ The Tape is not nice but also not very bad“ I think that brings it pretty good to the point.

I do not recommend this tape, I would spend my money on something else like FBS or Chems tape to be honest, but please guys feel free to try it.
As I said before it’s my opinion, and my opinion doesn’t mean it’s 100% right. Every fingerboarder is different and likes different stuff.
Hope you guys still enjoyed this review and thank you for reading.
Support fingerboarding and keep on shredding my guys! (s/o @vicious274)

Check Fatpap Griptape on :
►Instagram: @Fatpap.Griptape
►Webshop: www.fatpap.bigcartel.com

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban

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Thanks for the review , Was really curious about it ! How is it compared to Idle White Tape ?


the white tape is better but wears out quicker