Fapwood/Black Diamond


:warning:Post any photos/information you have about these decks made by Taylor Lucas from Canada!

The Description written on the old Fapwood website:

" I started making fingerboards back in 2006. I was just experimenting/making them for myself. I was selling the odd one or two every once in a while. A year later, I started to get a little better at deck making. I was buying better wood, making better molds ect. Once I was comfortable with making bondo molds, my decks where getting a lot better. Bondo molds are quick and easy to make if you know what you’re doing. So I ended up making lots until I got a decent shape. At one point I noticed that I wasn’t riding my decks so much anymore, I wasn’t a fan of the shape like most buyers were. So instead of whipping up a new mold in half an hour, I decided to focus this time. I thought about the deck shapes I’ve used over the years, and what had worked best for me. After putting all those attributes together, I had a deck shape that worked great for me. Since this was my personal shape, and I wasn’t expecting to sell them often. I decided to use a funny name, to show my lack of seriousness. So I settled with Fapwood Fingerboards (credit to Brendan Cronin for coming up with it). After riding fapwoods for a while, people started to notice them. I sold a couple here and there. It turned out my personal mold didn’t only work good for me, but for others aswell. I started selling them more and more, I ended up selling 20 on flatfacefingerboards.com, 10 at the 3rd fingerboard rendezvous, 7 at the 4th fingerboard rendezvous while attending myself, and various decks on ebay and ffi. After a solid 6 months, the Fapwood mold had retired. I had made a lot of decks, and the mold was quite thrashed.

Along came Fapwood G2’s. This time, I wanted to focus on making more of a buyer friendly shape. This shape and size better fits in with other decks on the market. I have only been selling Fapwood G2’s on ebay, and privately to friends. But now with this website, you should find one up for sale about once a week! "

Some other random photos I found:
Fapwood G1 Shape
Fapwood G2 Shape

Here’s a review on the G2 by Mike Schnieder:

The only old school shape Fapwood made:


First Black Diamond Shape (my all time favorite)

Latest Black Diamond Stock & Shape (2012):


I had that black Diamond with Canada drawing in the bottom! Such amazing decks, especially the black Diamond,i remember taylorlucas and guillameouellet with amazing style, big switch flip perfectly controlled, i grow up with that style😀


Nice, I actually finished it to be less wide believe it or not. It’s current state is in the top photo to the left with the tree graphic. You can still see remnants of the Canada graphic underneath on the edges.

I had that deck set up with Substance Omnicrons and it was the best setup ever.

Taylor is someone I remember because he basically taught me how to start recording drums and what-not. My favorite part of the old forums was getting to learn things from the other people all around the world, fb related or not!