Dynamics or Ytrucks?


What’s your preference and why?

I haven’t tried dynamics but tend to see good things…love all the y’s ive has so far…just curious on your experiences.


I have both and im indifferent but if I had to choose then dynamics probably. My top truck are BRTs for sure though, nothing comes close to those haha.


Nice, I like the wide color options yellowood supplies, I give him that. I surprisingly have not tried brts yet…:thinking:

Any reason they’re better than the others? Or is it an og kind of thing?


Id how to explain it dude but they are just better, they just feel better. You’ll have to try some so you can see.


I have a couple pairs of each brand. Here are my reviews for each of them:

YTrucks: To me, they’re lighter and a lot less dense than the others, however their components are thicker and higher (base plates, king pins, etc.). The quality control is hit or miss, but I love their turning radius and durability.

Dynamic: These are a little denser than Y’s and much lower. They don’t have a very wide turning radius for me, yet they feel really good when grinding.

Blackriver: I think these are the heaviest of the three. They’re a medium height and their quality control is pretty good. They feel super solid when grinding; it’s a very deep feeling. Probably the most visually pleasing and most realistic of the three, in my opinion. The base plates are a little soft though, so you have to be careful when mounting them.

If I were to pick a favorite, I would also go with Blackriver.



Now I want some of them all just to try! Haha


Dynamics over Y-Trucks any day for me. I currently have 5 sets of dynamics, 1 y truck set, and 1 BRT. Dynamics take the cake for me. Black rivers are super nice as well, but a bit more expensive and made outside the USA. I’m from the USA and always try to support companies within my boundaries.


Dynamics over Y-Trucks. I would say the descicion if BRT’s or Dynamics is dependant mostly on your way to get them. I live in germany, and usually BRT’s are much cheaper than Dynamics, because of the shipping. If you live in the US on the other hand I wouldn’t spend that extra cash on shipping just for having slightly better trucks.
I have 1 set Y-Trucks, 2 Dynamics, multiple 32mm BRT’s and 1 Set 29mm BRT’s.


So. Just following up here…still have not gotten any dynamics to try however I have in the recent weeks been using a set of BRTs that I picked up and I must say, I certainly get what you guys describe about how they feel/ride…especially after picking up a board with ytrucks on them a few weeks later, significant difference for sure.


Dynamics for sure. I was on the fence about them until i copped some 34’s. They won me over for sure. As a company too i love their content and everything theyre doing.