Dos Dedos - Melbourne, AUS


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Rafe Squidd - Leader - @rafe_squidd
Chico Barbieri - Legend - @chicobarieri
Ammon Wilkes - Double OG - @teamwilkes
Davo Francis - Fuck you - @boogiehands
Matt Piper - Miniature King - @streetminiaturist
Rohan (if you don’t know then to bad)

If you’re ever in Melbourne, looking to sesh let us know on FB or IG.


I hope you dudes are cool with a Geelong fan visiting your neck of the woods in the near future.

Love watching you boys’ footage!


Fine with me mate, just no Collingwood or Carlton supporters :joy:


100% mate.

You are more than welcome to come for a sesh with us


you do know that I’m a Collingwood supporter right @davo ?


hahaha I didn’t know Chico, I don’t really mind at all :joy:


Are you a Bomber fan?

Hopefully you’re not one of them stinkin’ Hawthorn lovers…


I think I was born on the wrong end of the country, Chris, because I always loved league - go Storm! For AFL I follow the Saints


So listen to this story Davo:

When I first arrived in Melbourne my brother told me that everyone in Melbourne loved the AFL and eventually I would have to pick a team (similar to brazilians and soccer). So I asked him which team people hate the most and he said Collingwood. Then I said “ok I will support Collinwood then” hahahahahahah

It was great fun specially on my first year in Australia when I was meeting so many different people and people would be really excited asking me if I had a team and then they would be disappoint with the answer hahahahahah.

In fact, people would either get disappointed or they would be Collingwood supporters too and would go mad hahahahahaha.

On my first year I met a lighting supplier through work who went mad when he found out I was also a Collingwood supporter and I would be invited to the corporate box every weekend. It was crazy good hahahahahahahah.

But yeah I became a Collingwood supporter to have a laugh and it turned out that Collingwood had Harry O’Brian who was the only brazilian on the league so it motivated me to back it up for good down the track.
Also talking about Harry, he use to go party with us back in the days hahahahahahahah.

Story for another day hahahahahahahahha
PS: My brother is a Geelong supporter


Just want to mention we have a new addition to the crew and even though he’s technically from Sydney he’s proven himself well worthy of being in our crew, please welcome Matt Piper to the crew :clap::clap::clap::clap: