Doom Lagoon | Affordable Fingerboards & Tuning


Are you wondering what is lurking in the waters of the Doom Lagoon? Let’s find out!

Doom Lagoon is a fingerboard company that incorporates avant-garde shapes and design into all of our fingerboard products. We offer professional decks and tuning at affordable price. But what makes our products different from the rest?

Our decks feature a progressive shape that at first may seem/feel untraditional. This is because of the shortened wheelbase. Most fingerboard companies stick to a 57-58mm wheelbase since dekcs used to be based off of a 1:8 scale. However, our legs are not 1:8 scale to our fingers, so having a 57-58mm wheelbase doesn’t quite make sense ergonomically. Shortening the wheelbase allows your fingers to have optimal control because they don’t have to stretch out nearly as far to throw tricks. Once you are used to the shape, the difference is night and day.

Each board is made up of either 5 or 7 plies of veneer that have been hand dyed. We have over 36 different colors of wood dye, so there are tons of color combinations to choose from. All of our decks are pressed in an NFB Mold for 12-24 hours.

We offer a variety of different shapes to choose from, such as our FunDOOMental, Cesspool, Cataclysm, and Triton in several different sizes.

Apart from decks, we also sell bushings. Floatiez are essential when entering the Doom Lagoon. Various colored swirls, solids and glow-in-the-dark Floatiez will help you stay afloat. All bushings are specifically made for each truck style. Different styles will have different bushing shapes, as well as king-pin holes. This ensures responsiveness among each individual style.

Go check out all of the products we have to offer, as well as our new rewards program where you can get a free set of bushings for referring a friend (they will get a free set too!) or accumulate rewards points on every dollar spent!

You can also keep up with our blog where we will be posting inside information on topics you want to hear about!