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Hey Peeps,
there are a lot of companies out there. A few of them catch my attention because they just stick out of the masses. One of them is DK Fingerboards from the Ukraine. Im was hyped, and still I am.

Before we dive in to the details, its time for a swing of background information.
DK started in 2010, and is located in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. Besides decks he is looking forward to craft simple wheels. He also got some obstacles in mind he wants to craft.
Over the years he created about 10 different molds/shapes.
Creativity and artistry are very important for DK Fingerboards.
You can see that in his decks.

Enough of that.
Lets dive into some details. So what I got here is probably one of the most beautifulest decks I was ever able to hold in my hands.
It is 33mm wide, 97mm in length, 2,5mm thick (5 Plys) and has a pretty sweet wheels’ base of about 40mm distance from truck to truck.

33.0mm width
97.0mm length
2,5mm thick
5 plys
40mm wheelbase

I’m totally in love with the shape. It’s kind of fishtailed and just not regular at all. The nose is well rounded and as responsive as it should be.
The molded shape is sort of low, but not too low. Mellow kicks, flat concave and pop which must be out of this universe.

Craftsmanship is on point - it is perfectly sanded, drilled, lazered & lacquered.
The bottom & top plies are beautifully tinted in a few colors. I love this washed out look.
The special eye for details caught my attention. The sprayed square on the top ply in combination with the laser engraving is absolutely nice.

The Packaging is basic. zip bag with a sheet of paper and a some information. Kind of low but pretty uniform when you hold more then just a deck of DK in your hands (like the board rails).

craftsmanship: 9/10
Design & Graphic: 8 /10
Packaging: 5 /10
Shape: 10 /10

  • 31/40 -

When he send me the deck he also send me two packs of board-rails. Well, I guess he knows me pretty well already. I love board-rails. I screwed a set of DK board rails onto the deck and the colors just matched perfectly.

The board rails are 34mm in length, about 3,5-4.0mm wide and about 2mm high.
4 screws (each side) will fix them onto your deck of choice. Love the rounded edges and the overall feeling of them. When you take a closer look you will realize that they are not 3D printed.
The Material feels really good on board slides. Absolutely love this combination.

I am super satisfied with the overall appearance of the deck & boardrails. Totally recommend to grab one of these if you have the chance to.

I am still hyped for DK Fingerboards and very thankful for having had the opportunity to test them.
I am definitely going to buy another one at the ASI Shop when I can.

Check DK Fingerboards on :
â–şInstagram: @dkfb74

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!

Cheers guys,

Onkel Urban

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Cant wait for my dk stuff to come! So keen, your review got me even more hyped :slight_smile:


I like and I don’t like Urban’s reviews… makes me what to buy stuff. After the prete’s review, now this one… Now I have 2 decks on my wish list. Wait until he writes a review for GoF, because I’m also growing interest for them… Thanks mister Onkel Urban!! :joy:


Another great review bro. I’ve just ordered one after reading this :blush:


Me too one hour ago lol


haha :slight_smile: Feel that!


Thats probably the best Comment i have ever read! Thank you so much <3 :slight_smile:


All over the Big pond!
Hope you Enjoy them! :slight_smile: I love the Deck! :slight_smile: