DIY Park on Wheels


Hey everyone,
over the past few weeks I’ve built myself a park. I recently moved and since we have a lot of space there I got permission to built a park in our bedroom. I allready had a big sheet of wood left over, and have to make it work within the bedroom so that it is still habitable. I cutt of a bit from the wood and wanted to put the park on wheels so that it can get out of the way easily.
I’ve never worked with any kind of concrete but looked at a few tutorials and asked a few Berlin locals for advice and help. It sure as hell isn’t perfect and the surface is a bit rough, it is a bit cramped and everything, but I still love it soooo much. The surface is still smooth enough and it’s a real pleasure to have this one just waiting for me at home. I purchased two BRR rails from their DIY sale a few months back and built the park around that. Since I don’t like transitions I just removed them entirely. I’m also gonna work on the aesthetics of the park. Probably coming in with some black to make the cracks look a bit realistic and cover up the holes with some things (allready have something in mind).

But without further ado:


looks like it needs a lot more sanding :ocean:


Did some more sanding and patched up a few spots. Here is a small Video:

After weeks of work and multiple touch-up and sanding sessions I'm finally calling it done. Still not perfect but I love it. Maybe doing optical work some time in the future. Thanks to @soundsphere for helping me with the build #fingerboard #diy #skatepark #fingerboardpark

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Man id shred that up, sick creation!