Cruiser Joy


CruiserJoy was born out of persistent desire for making fingerboards. Imagine six, or more, years of testing, failing, postponing, mold updating and of course fun with everything that comes with creating something new and truly yours. All this passion and energy was put into this small objects.

CruiserJoy are quality fingerboards decks made with five plies of exotic wooden veneer. Completely handmade in Slovakia by the amazing Šimon Kožička himself, no CNC machine bullshit. Mostly i draw inspiration from old-school/cruiser decks from skateboard industry because i am little bit sick of classic popsicle stick shapes. That’s where the name “cruiser” came from. The word “joy” - you know what’s that all about so go ahead and take a look at my limited selection of decks i made with love.


I did this review on a Cruiser Joy deck and these are some of the best cruisers out there!