Cleaning a Fingerboard deck?


So Ive been wanting to clean my fingerboard deck, but there really isn’t anything that I’ve found that tells how to clean the deck itself. Do any of you know how to do so without destroying the deck or having the deck lose its pop?


I use 99% ISO alcohol for almost everything, so that’s an answer I keep regurgitating when people ask how to clean something. It can be a bit abrasive though, so I’d be careful when applying it to the bottom graphics that aren’t of good quality real-wear. If you’re not too rough with the rubbing, you should be fine.

I mainly use it to wipe the gunk off the top plies, when removing and replacing tape, and to clean off the edges of a deck. I’ve never had a problem with ruining a fingerboard from light application of ISO.


Goo gone is probably the safest thing you can use for removing the adhesive left over on the board. As far as graphics or something go, try using a baby wipe. It contains a tiny bit of alcohol and soap in it.


I’ve been using a small dab of hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol to remove tape adhesive from the top of my fingerboard decks, along with sticker adhesive as well. Don’t overly use it so it water logs the deck, but use enough to remove the adhesive.