Change bearings?


Hey guys, I’m new to this forum and wanted to ask a question for that I couldn’t find an anwser on the internet yet.

I have a set of pretty new Winkler Wheels and a set of FlatFace BR edition wheels.

Unfortunately the bearings in my FlatFace wheels kind of gave up. They don’t spin all that well anymore etc.

I wanted to ask, if its possible to pop out the bearings of the winklers and put them in the flatface wheels… Of course, it’s possible but rather HOW? Any of you got an idea or an explanation how to do this? Or is this even a good idea… Risky? I don’t know ^^

Because I really like the feel of the flatface wheels a lot better than the winklers.


Hey there! I recently submitted a tip in the “Fingerboard hacks, tips etc” thread that may help you here. You just need a good cleaner and a thin lubricant. I used this cleaning method on my own FlatFace BRR Editions and it worked great.

Here’s my post for reference:

I feel popping out the bearings would work too, but you might sacrifice some integrity within the wheel and your bearing locks wouldn’t be as tight as they were after swapping them in/out. I saw a tutorial on YouTube that suggested using a fingerboard tool to pop the bearings out by sticking the Phillips-end into the back of the wheel and pushing down against a flat surface. That didn’t sound too appealing to me : )


I have popped bearings out before it actually isn’t that damaging to the wheel I haven’t had a bearing slip yet


Tell me how exactly you popped them out and put in the other set of wheels. :slight_smile:


I took the wheel backwards with a a screwdriver that could fit in the back of the wheel and then push if it helps get two books to raise the wheel over so the bearing can fully popout then grab new bearings and replace


Before you think about poping bearings make sure you’ve tried everything to clean the flatface ones, you’d be surprised how much a good clean/soak can help bring them back to life.


I tried enough :smiley: But it’s all fine. I popped them out and changed bearings. Surprisingly it works almost as well as with real skateboard bearings. Just switching them out over and over again kind of :smiley: