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Hey Forum,
Let’s get to the end of this journey, “the saltwater shape”. As you might have read before, Vlad aka CatFishBBQ send me two decks. “the freshwater shape” which I have already reviewed and a “saltwater shape”. I tested the deck with a sheet of FBS extra smooth.
I have to say it right away, these two shapes are more different than you and me,
is that good or bad?
Let’s find out.

The saltwater shaped deck is about 96mm in length, 33mm in width and got 5plys.

Width: 33mm
Length: 96mm
Plys: 5
Thickness: 2.9mm
Wheelbase: 38.5mm
Weight: 5.23g

The craftmanship is on the absolute same level that’s why I paste the text I used on the Freshwater shape here.

"The craftmanship is top notch. The edges are sanded to perfection and the drilling wholes were made in heaven. The overall appearance of the deck is insanely good and perfectly done. The top ply has a stamp on it and the bottom ply has a heat transfer graphic so its real wear. The nose is much bigger than the tail (which gives you tons of control), on the first look it does look slightly weird but pretty much all companies do it like that, that’s why its no biggie. The tail is shorter and super responsive.“

The shape of the deck is low, lower than low, it almost flat as the earth. When I switched the deck it was weird, the Freshwatershape has good kicks and concave but this saltwater shape is just low. I think you have to understand how to ride that shape, every motion has to be a bit more kicked or flipped than on “medium shapes.”

Concave is available sometimes somehow.(Dieser Satz macht keinen Sinn) It took me a while to enjoy that shape, simply because it takes more to use it like every other deck. It’s difficult but that does not mean that it is bad. After the FBS extra smooth tape was worn in, it was a lot nicer and enjoyable.

The packaging is the same, straight up fire.

So, is there anything that I can criticize? Well, I have to say that the shape is not my taste, but tastes are different, so If I could pick, I would go for a freshwater shape.
These decks are worth it and you get what you pay for and that is more than fair. If you haven’t checked out CatFishBBQ you better do right now, this stuff is hot and comes “fresh off the grill!”

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Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban

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top Review und echt gute Bilder, wie immer ;)! Deck sieht echt clean aus!


Das von dir zuhören bedeutet mir viel!