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Hey Forum,
as you already read in the title, I’m going to take a super close look at a CatFishBBQ today (freshwater shape). Before we dive into that, I would like to note something. There are some rumors about CatFishBBQ saying that Vlad is basically buying the decks somewhere on the internet and just applies the graphics onto them. To make this clear here, I actually don’t care if he does or if his granddad is crafting the decks on Jupiter. I look at the final product and not behind the scenes. When you craft great decks or know where to buy them and resell them with your own finish, that’s ok with me. I know there are tons of other companies which have suppliers for their needs. Decks, ramps, trucks, or wheels do you think every company is doing all that stuff by themselves? Sorry, if you think so, then you are pretty naive.
So enough of that rant, everybody breath in and out and then we can dive into the actual review.

Vlad send me two decks, one in freshwater and one in saltwater shape. In this review, I will only talk about the freshwater shape. I will write a separate review for the saltwater shape.
The deck I was sent is 33mm wide and 96mm long. It is a 5ply deck which is 2.9mm thick and weighs about 5.29g without the tape. Wheelbase is regular with 39mm in distance (measured from baseplate to baseplate).

Width : 33mm
Length: 96mm
Plys : 5
Thickness : 2.9mm
Wheelbase: 39mm
Weight: 5.29g

The craftmanship is top notch. The edges are sanded to perfection and the drilling wholes were made in heaven. The overall appearance of the deck is insanely good and perfectly done. The top ply has a stamp on it and the bottom ply has a heat transfer graphic so its real wear. The nose is much bigger than the tail (which gives you tons of control), on the first look it does look slightly weird but pretty much all companies do it like that, that’s why its no biggie. The tail is shorter and super responsive.

The shape of the deck is well-thought-out and the kicks are not too high and not too low. The concave is nice and perfectly connected to the kicks. When I started to ride the deck it worked well for me. I already felt that the shape is responsive and controllable after the first kickflip. Quote by Valentin Leiber: "That deck has massive pop!“ and I can only agree. I really really enjoyed this deck and it’s super fun for me to ride it. After the tape (FBS) was worn in there was no limit.

The packaging is hella fire, no jokes.
Most of you guys who read my reviews know that I want a nice packaging - something outstanding and here, I got it. The packaging is absolutely awesome. It’s like a real experience when you open it and take the deck out. The deck comes with stickers and tape.
I’m still flashed by the packaging and the overall appearance of the deck.
Very well done, Vlad.

So, is there anything that I can criticize? No, not at all. I absolutely recommend to check one of those freshwater shapes out. You get what you pay for and that is more than fair. If you haven´t checked out CatFishBBQ you better do right now, this stuff is hot and comes „fresh off the grill!“.

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Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban
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Well the tape which comes with the deck is bad.
You also read reviews do hear another opinion or to get a feeling for certain stuff.


Been meaning to try one of these decks, the craftsmanship looks great. The name has a southern charm to it. The thing I don’t know I’d like is how the nose seems a bit squared


I found it enjoyable to read. Why review it bad when there is anything bad about it? There are such things as “good review” as well.


Love your content TJ!