Camera Setups!


Hey all! Wondering if anyone had any suggestions for cheap-ish or budget camera setups for some crispy sharp clips.



I reckon you should look into getting a Sony compact camera or something like a Canon Power shot. Sony tends to be a bit more expensive but I would say it’s worth the price for the quality you get out of it. Another cheap option is a GoPro. It has the fisheye lens, which may be good or bad for you, but the fisheye look can be changed in a editing software if you want to remove it.
You should also definitely look into investing for a mic if you want to take cinematic edits even further. I would recommend any mic from Rode, especially the Video mic Go and the Pro


I would always choose a DSLR,
You can get Canon 600D or 550D for Cheap on Ebay.
50mm Lens and a Fisheye and you are ready.
Keep in mind you need proper lighting and a nice editing software :slight_smile: