Awsome Fingers Vol.1 / Oelde,NRW, Germany / September 1st, 2018


Hi Guys,

I am already planning to do a Event in Oelde,NRW,Germany.

The Flyer is an early State and more Sponsors should be listet in the near future.
Hope to See some guys there and have a lot of fun.

I am also planning to do some kind of DIY-Contest, where peaple can bring their own Park/Obstacle and get a Price for it.

What die you think about IT.




Next sept? That might be enough time to save up for a plane ticket lol!


Got a Flyer Update!
Thanks a lot to my Bros from ADDA Fingerboards for this masterpiece of a Flyer! Hope to meet a lot of Fingerboarders there‚Äč:sunglasses::ok_hand:


Yeah a fingerboard event near me !!!
I will be there!

The diy contest is also a nice idea! Could get interesting…

Just the flyer is not good at all to be polite.


New Version.
Hope you guys like it.



Only 2 Weeks left!
WHO of you guys will Come?


I will be there!