Asi berlin contest 30.06.2018


Check Facebook for More Informations!

But Save the Date! 30.06.2018!
Contest in Berlin!


I am definitely attending and so should everybody who can take the time to come to berlin! Its gonna be HUGE!


So there! Really cant wait


I wish i could, but three months is not enough time to plan a trip like that. Hopefully we are going to be there again in 2019


Everything is booked :metal:t2:


Ltes get rowdy!


I am hyped for asi 10! hopefully the breaking Fingers Crew will come with a lots of People!


So hyped for the event :raised_hands:t4:
Does anyone knows anything about an fast fingers event this year?


There wont be a Fast Fingers contet this year.


We are proud to present to you the Poster for this Event!!!
Thanks again to all our sponsors! You are helping us make Europes largest Fingerboard Event in 2018 possible!

Hope to see many of you in Berlin!!!

Friday 29.06.2018:
Reminiscence - 15 years Asi
Vernissage & DJ Party @ASI Berlin Store
Boxhagener Straße 14, 10245 Berlin
Store opening at 12pm, Vernissage at 4pm

Saturday 30.06.2018:
ASI No10, Fingerboard contest
Casiopeia Berlin, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin
Free Entry - Registration open 10am
Riders Fee 10€ - Contest starts at 12pm

Sunday 01.07.2018:
Gönninger Jam – Dogshit Spot - More Infos soon and at the Event

Jana, TKY and the whole ASI No10 Team


So excited !


Only 16 days left! We are all really excited to see a lot of you!
If you wanna make things easier for us, you can register at
We gonna need your name, age, and if you want, where you are coming from and if you have sponsors.

But don’t worry, we will also have a spot for you if you don’t preregister but this will make everything go a lot quicker.

See you in Berlin!


I wonder if there will be music played during the event 30 June?


During the Event will just be a bit of “background music” but on the evening you can visit the club the contest is in for free (as long as you took part in the contest and are 18+) for the aftershow party. There will obviously be music


Thank you, I might come then. An after-party isn’t something for me anyway :slight_smile:


tried to send an email to register, but the mail couldnt be delivered for some reason?