Advertisements, Donations and the Like (please read and vote!)


Hey all,

Right now, FingerflipInc is hosted on a 2gb mem /50gb disk DigitalOcean Droplet which is only about 10$ / month. I suspect as time goes on that we will need to scale up, but I can handle all these costs myself as part of my own contribution to the community.

I wanted to feel out how you all feel about implementing the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Fingerboard company ads
  • No ads just donations
  • None at all

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If implemented these sources of revenue would be put back into the community through FFI sponsored contests, giveaways, etc.

Just a thought!


I’ll send you $10 on fb messenger if you’re cool with it


Thanks for the offer Nick!


Thanks for voting guys!

I’m really grateful for your opinions here :grin: I know how divisive advertising can be… But it feels good to know that you guys support the idea!


Chris if you ever need help paying server costs please let me know :facepunch:


Thank you Davo! No need yet so save that $ to buy some footy tickets :joy:


Yeah man keep me in mind I’m always down to help out. I remember how big of a hassle it was to get server fund’s back in the day. No reason for that to happen again when we’re buying $40 decks and $100 ramps lol.


Sorry for the bump here buttttt -

I put my thoughts on the survey, I would definitely say that fingerboard company ads would be decent. Like I remember on the old FFI Forum, company owners paid a membership for a month, or however long to have an ad on the forum link to their company website. I would agree with that idea being a good idea, however with you being the admin, it’s definitely your decision haha. I would donate for sure!


Looks like that’s what’s been voted in.

I hope we can work out a system where maybe media companies like Ego FBVM that don’t actually make any money but make huge contributions, content wise, to the scene for no money should be given free ad space every so often - maybe this can be worked into the price for bigger companies ad fees


Google ads and/or fingerboard company ads would be fine. I think google ads would be the smarter option as you’re likely to receive more in ad revenue.