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I love the tiny designs you have engraved on your tape. Are you engraving those yourself?


Yes I’m doing them myself. Takes a bit of fiddling around with the size and placement of the design and the depth of the laser but once it’s all set, you can get quite creative.


That’s really cool! Gives the grip a great touch but small enough to not interfere with the grip’s feel :+1:



My recent gripjobs.


Bro, soo good, how to you do your holes?


I use the nut side of the brt tool. On some decks it’s really easy but on other decks, it slips the whole time and it won’t create a nice circle.


Totaly agree!



Some chems on my latest setup



Killing it as always bro


I know it’s not the best grip job ever, but I quite like the “two-line” approach.


Latest grip…


recently got some fatpap tape in the mail! Set it up on my mains the stuff is great! Nice sense grippy tape :ok_hand:t3:


Bro those grip jobs are looking epic


Loving this


My 3 main setups


red n yellow skate grip and fbs :smiley: