32mm TD trucks


Okay, so like most of you I’ve noticed the trucks on TDs have become much better! Also like many of you I’ve seen LOTS of people reselling them, and imo at really high prices considering you’re getting ONLY the trucks at that.

Well, I don’t like it, and I don’t think it’s fair to those of you wanting some to have to pay $5+ for a pair.

So I’m willing to sell them to you, completely unopened, at cost of what I pay. This is usually around $2.96 +tax usd, basically $3 and some change. Only thing, I do ask that you cover shipping in addition to this as some of you are quite far from me.

PM me if interested!


Where are you purchasing them from yourself?


Essentially anywhere I happen to find them…Walmart, target, several grocery stores in the area has them


If anyone shapes them different and someone else does work. I dont see a problem paying for the persons time but as long as your up front about the fact you shaped them and just charge for your shaping TIME. Anybody can learn to shape TdTrucks themselves as well and badabing problem solved!!


If* they’re shaping them, I agree. Although I often see them sold at high rates without work performed on them - that’s what I don’t find cool. :alien: