2012ish Era FB Stuff


Hey y’all,

I used to fingerboard way back when (2013 might be the last time I regularly checked FFI lol). Now I’m old and I got billz, so I’m looking to sell some of this old school stuff I have.

Pictured L-R
NoCo v6 blue wheels on some white tech deck wides I think?: $25
29mm Todd Cuzzort Everslick Graphic Deck (not sure what NC mold this is) : $35
28mm G12: $15
29mm random cruiser with TD longboard trucks and NoCo v6 Black wheels: $30

Or you can buy this whole lot for $100. I know this is older stuff, nothing 50mm and shiny or whatever the kids like. But hit me up! Let’s make a deal.

Note: these wheels are pre-BRT edition wheels era so I can’t speak as for whether or not they work with BRT.


Dang, crazy to see my signature wheels again, haha. I’m bummed that I Iost my set.


You know what to do